Family mediation

Avoid impasse using the process and tools of mediation

Recreate a productive and respectful dialogue based on rules mutually agreed upon

Envision tomorrow in a setting where all feel involved and heard

Find a way to part with dignity and restore some inner peace

Family conflicts and separations have a profound impact on family life. These conflicts create tensions that seem impossible to overcome. The help of a mediator can be beneficial to avoid impasse and to frame a discussion that seems difficult but is unavoidable.

My professional experience as a mediator, as a lawyer and as a teacher has given me the tools and the willingness to help couples and families in conflict.

I have been practicing family mediation for over 20 years. My approach is based on restoring dialogue and communication. I take inspiration from all the training I have had over the years: my legal background, my mediation certifications, training in non-violent communication, systemic and intercultural.

Family mediation allows individuals to enter into dialogue to exchange and decide together the solutions that will be best suited for themselves and the rest of the family. This approach is particularly effective to address family issues, whether intergenerational, between siblings, linked to heritage, divorce or step- and blended families.

For couples undergoing a separation, my objective is to allow them to stay actors and deciders in their family and personal lives, and to protect the children as much as possible. It is also to return to a dialogue between adults to regain the role of a parent. Mediation therefore is a chance to avoid that a decision will be taken and imposed on the parents by a judge, in judicial proceedings that last forever and end up in financial and moral ruins.

We cannot change the past. The biggest obstacle to family mediation is the belief that the other side “won’t play along”, that they will not communicate openly and in a constructive manner. The best way to achieve this constructive dialogue is to engage in it yourself, with conviction and sincerity. As a mediator, I pledge to help you in this way so that you may find concrete solutions soon and peace of mind.