Commercial mediation

Avoid conflict escalation

Experience in conflict management: flexibility, resolution and creative solutions

Conflict in a commercial environment costs you time, money, and opportunities.

My method in commercial mediation enables people to work together in a clear and structured way. The goal is to avoid the costs and constraints of law suits. The added value of commercial mediation is to make it possible for people to work together directly to find creative and commercially-oriented solutions deemed satisfactory for all involved. Another advantage of mediation lies in its flexibility: the location, scheduling, frequency or duration of the meetings is up to the participants, not dictated by the court. This approach is particularly useful for conflict between companies or between business partners.

Over 20 years of professional experience allow me to understand complex situations buried in voluminous files, including a variety of interests and many parties. I have worked in the pharmaceutical industry, the automobile industry, trading and distribution. I also work regularly with family businesses.

I teach mediation and negotiation at the Universality of Lausanne and the University of Geneva. I also have several mandates to teach abroad. I publish regularly on topics such as distribution, mediation, communication and negotiation (publications).

I see teaching as an opportunity to give and to receive. It enables me to develop creative tools that I use in mediation and negotiation. I have a good sense of social interaction and a natural authority that allows me to communicate with different people at all levels of the hierarchy, to navigate in diverse organizations and gather people around the table of negotiation.